Emoono takes "home" as starting point.

In the logo design, the outer circle symbolizes the moon in the hometown.

The "corner brace", the key element connecting doors and windows, is combined into the image of a house.
Under the big moon, take the old house of hometown as the Emoono brand logo.

It is connected with the founder’s original intention and expectation of restoring the forest and protecting the homeland.

the moon

corner brace


Emoono, which means "home", is spoken by Tsou.

Therefore, in the design of brand standard words
Incorporate the brand vision of "sustainable life" into the ∞symbol representing an infinite loop; combine the eaves of the hometown and the cut surface of the aluminum profile with image of emoono, create the unique brand Logotype of Emoono.

Adhering to the brand spirit of health, recycling and sustainability, Emoono will leave one more tree for the earth.