The Tsou Tribe's Spirit of Protecting Mountains and Forests

The founder of Emoono had stayed in the Tsou tribe of Alishan during the trip.

During his stay in the mountains, in addition to the affection for people and nature, the enthusiasm and urgency of local residents to restore mountains and forests and protect their homes is even more moving.

After participating in the grand tree protection activity of the Tsou nationality, the founder of Emoono made an immediate decision: Love our family and protect the forests, we should start from ourselves.

So he thought about the concept of "home", thinking about the combination of friendly environment and own industry, he determined to develop aluminum furniture.
"Health, Circulation and Sustainability" is the brand spirit.

Make furniture with aluminum in the name of home
Emoono breaks through tradition and chooses the most recyclable natural resources on the earth.
We hope to make good use of the power of the enterprise, be friendly to the environment, and slow down the rate of forest disappearance.