The choice of furniture should not only emphasize beauty, but also add the concept of health and sustainability. We don’t want the home life become a hidden worry that endangers your health because of improper material selection.

However, even we choose environmental friendly building materials; the formaldehyde hidden in wooden furniture and furnishings is still an unavoidable problem in the home environment. In view of this, Emoono Home has broken through the tradition and provided new ideas for furniture selection. "Furniture is not only made of wood, leaving one more trees for the earth, starting from aluminum." Aluminum alloy furniture is not only greatly reduces the content of formaldehyde in the indoor space, it is light, strong and easy to clean. Our green furniture can improve your life happiness.

Slow down the deforestation

Aluminum is the most abundant metal in the earth’s crust, accounting for about 8% of the mass of the solid surface of the earth. Emoono selects the most recyclable natural resources on the surface. Hope to make good use of the power of the enterprise, to be friendly to the environment, and to slow down the speed of deforestation.


Aluminum is non-toxic and has a wide range of uses in food containers. It is also an ideal material for manufacturing beverage cans. Emoono’s innovative technology chooses aluminum for furniture, reduce the use of wood, avoid the harm of formaldehyde, and create a non-toxic home.

Corrosion resistant

Aluminum has excellent corrosion resistance, and after surface treatment, it is more suitable for outdoor and harsh environments. Emoono furniture, fire-proof, moisture-proof, insect-proof, and corrosion-resistant, is suitable for any place at home.

Light weight

The specific gravity of aluminum is about 1/3 of the density of steel and copper, and it plays an important role in the lightweight of transportation. Compared with general heavy furniture, aluminum furniture is lighter and easier to move, which is more suitable for daily use. Emoono has industry-leading technology and design, giving metal furniture more diverse appearance. We make it to have innovative furniture that truly combines light weight, texture and strength.

High-strength, high-plasticity

Aluminum can be added with other elements to produce various alloys to achieve products with different strength levels, they will have the quality of good plasticity and ductility after heating, various styling products can be made according to needs. Emoono Home furnishing products are sturdy and not easily deformed. We are designing products to last a lifetime, and you are worth it!

No low temperature brittleness

Aluminum has no low temperature brittleness problem at low temperature, the material is more stable than general carbon steel or other metal materials. In addition to the wall-style storage method, Emoono aluminum wine cabinet can also be a screen for different spaces. It is not only a space for storing wine, but also a manifestation of the taste at home.

Low energy consumption and high recovery

Low energy consumption: Aluminum used in general household products, and the recovery rate can reach 85%; 90% recycling rate of aluminum for automobiles, and in the aluminum for construction, the recovery rate is as high as 98%.
High recovery: Aluminum can be reused after remelting, it is currently the most environmentally friendly metal material. Recycled aluminum can save 95% of the energy required in the production process of primary aluminum. Emoono Home Furnishing parent company-ABBA Light Metal Technology 47% of the electricity comes from solar clean energy. We do achieve environmental protection, carbon reduction, energy saving and low pollution.

Formaldehyde free

Aluminum alloy profiles are not as prone to formaldehyde content as general wooden furniture. Choosing Emoono aluminum furniture is a concrete manifestation of maintaining the environment and protecting the family.